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Üçgen CNC Factory & Headquarters


Location: Kocaeli, Turkey

Construction Area: 3500 sqm

Status: Under Construction

Client: Üçgen CNC Lazer Metal İşleme San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

The building is conceived as two seperate volumes, the production area and the offices wrapped together into a single object by folding surfaces. The surfaces wrap around the two main functions creating voids that

define outdoor areas, the entrace and the terrace as well as creating architectural elements like stairs, canopies for

shading and the pitched roof for the office.


The basement of the building is partially revealed by the ring road that goes around the building negotiating the

7m height difference between the two ends of the site. The revealed basement is detached from the massing of

the rest of the building, becoming a half buried pedestal on which the building rests. The idea of breaking down

the massing and creating a vertical stratification is carried on to the facade to seperate entrance, the terrace and

the concrete wall that surrounds the building from what’s above it by using two different materials, natural stone

and metal cladding.



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