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PEMAKS Factory & Headquarters


Location: Kocaeli, Turkey

Construction Area: 8000 sqm

Status: Detail Design

Client: PEMAKS Pnömatik ve Hidrolik Silindir San. Tic. İth. İhr. Ltd. Şti.

Based on the program and area requirements in conjunction with the orientation and accesibility of the site, the building has been conceieved as separate program masses tied together with an atrium and core. The production and assembly volumes are simply stacked orthogonal prisms reflecting their internal plan organization while the offices on ground level are differentiated in response to the buildable area and program requirements, tightly wrapping around the production facility. The south facing office windows are framed by exterior sunshades and the main entrance is carved out to give the façade depth and to breakdown the office block massing.


Office and production facilities are organized on the north-south axis; the office block faces the south edge of the industrial zone with an uninterrupted view of the vast landscape and is the front end of the building welcoming visitors where as north façade is blocked by an existing 8m retaining wall 10m offset from the facade which serves to hide sectional doors and mechanical exhausts. The assembly floor is aligned with the northside road for truck access.

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