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Çaycuma Science Center

Batı Görünüş.jpg
Güney Görünüş.jpg
Doğu Görünüş.jpg

Project: Competition Entry

Location: Çaycuma, Turkey

Project Team:

Eren Çıracı

Uğurtan Ünal


The building with its outdoor facilities is conceieved as primitive forms that intersect and fuse. Pedestrian walkways, bus and carparks are simple rectangular prisms that combine to make a more complex form where each prism is still recognizable. While they look like flat surfaces from the top of the slope where they rest, from the the bottom they're 3 dimensional blocks embedded in the slope. These blocks can be used as indoor or semi-open exhibition areas.

The building itsef is a play on variations on the gable roof archetype. Exhibitions halls, multi purpose hall and entrance, the Foucault pendulum and support functions are housed in 6 diffent volumes that when come together form a continuous interior space. 

The saw tooth rooves placed on the diagonal of a square plan provide natural day light for the exhibition halls. The unconventional direction for the placement of the roof creates both a dynamic building contour and interior.The other volumes are treated similarly; each roof is placed slightly different than the others to create variation within the same architectural language. 

The rooves and facades of the volumes are clad with the same metal panels creating monolithic primitive objects. The panelization of the facades follows the geometry of the building edges creating a fludity between the contours of the 3 dimensinonal masses and 2 dimensional facades. 

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