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Antalya Performing Arts Center


Project: Competition Entry

Location: Antalya, Turkey

Project team:

Eren Çıracı

Gizem Efendioğlu

Pelin Karagözlü

Arbil Tabur 

The building is conceived as program volumes surrounding the stage. Techinical spaces and rehearsal rooms which do not require public access are placed on the east border of the site where there’s no street access. The volume containing backstage and changing rooms are placed right behind the stage, to the north edge of the site. Administration, artist and guest entraces are placed along the 1453. Street on the west edge providing the major access to the site and the south edge where the building is facing the park. The stairs leading to the building are conceived as an open air stage for kids.

Each program volume is a variation of the same formal language with each one placed in a different orientation in relation to the stage, the park and site borders. The volumes on the north-west corner are detached from the sidewalk with a shallow pool, the ones on the west and south edge are connected to the park and the sidewalk with the plith that they rest on; the spatial experience changes as one walks around the building. These playful volumes waiting to be explored are the precursor to the fictional performance inside the building and the building itself is a fiction of figures itself.

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