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Project: Academic research

Location: Antalya, Turkey

Organisation: International Architecture Biennale Antalya 2015

Coctail is used to define food and drinks made by mixing and putting together different ingridients as well as parties where this type of food and drinks are served. Coctails are intriguing because the tastes that they create are more than the sum of their parts and beause of familier faces and chance encounters. For a good coctail, harmony and order are needed as well as the exact opposite.


It’s possible to think of city fabric as a coctail. It wouldn’t be right to think of this mixture as a whole with parts or as a set of hierarchic set of relations and principles. Each stucture is part of the same organizing framework and shares similar spatial qualities, but the expanding city-object resists holistic or reductionist explanations due to the different kinds of relations the structures have with each other and public spaces in different locations. The structures and the fabric are not without a recipe, however it’s not possible to differentiate between buildings and city blocks, interior and exterior spaces from public spaces.

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